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Kumquat Tea

Kumquat Tea

The kumquat is a fruit of evergreen tree which were cultivated in jeju island where the weather condition is most suitable for the kumquat. it contains plenty of vitamin A, vitamin C and calciums. The tea has a Jeju island's traditional taste and sweet-smelling. The taste of the tea is a little sour and sweet and stimulate folk's appetite.
Kumquat Tea
- Put15~20g of Tea into a cup, and then add 180cc of hot(about 80), sir well.
- Add ice tea or lemonade with cracked ice if necssary.
- Add marmalade, yoghurt source, or ice cream.
- May put various salads or black tea coctail.

- Net weight : 300g, 600g, 1000g, 1100g, 1500g

It may contain seeds but it is not harmful ingredient.
It must be kept in refrgerator under 10-degree centigrade after opening.
No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.