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Citron ponzu sauce Sudachi ponzu sauce
Citron ponzu sauce

Citron ponzu sauce

Product Characteristic

The Jeju Citron Ponzu Sauce was made with raw citron fruit which was extracted juice therefore, retains natural taste and flavor of Jeju nature. Jeju Citron contains 150mg of vitamin C per 100g and abundant citric acid, so is good for heath maintenance. Citron flavoured Ponzu Sauce has a delicate citrus taste and is used as a delicious and refreshing alternative seasoning to seafood, meats and salads. Especially, Jeju Citron Ponzu Sauce is a dipping sauce containing 15% of citron fresh juice.
Citron ponzu sauce

This product is used as a dipping sauce for sashimi, Japanese vinegared rice delicacies to remove fishy smell of the raw fish, and baked fish and makes meat and fish tender and soft.

- It is used as a sauce for seasoned dish of fresh vegetables, edible wild green plants, seaweeds and seafoods and shabu shabu.
- It is also used as a fresh dressing for various vegetables and salad to make their taste balmy and fresh.

- Net weight : 205g


Store this product in dry and cool indoor at room temperature and it is good to store this product in refrigerater after opening. It may deposit or aggregate, but there is no change in product quality. Thus you need only to shake and use it with an easy conscience.